Our jewelry requires proper care to ensure that your pieces last for many years to come. To preserve the luster of your jewelry we recommend the following simple guidelines. Avoid contact with perfumes, body sprays, deodorants, hair sprays, cleansers, moisturizers, and other lotions, sprays, or liquids that contain chemicals which can cause jewelry to tarnish, discolor or even corrode. Remove jewelry when showering, swimming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs, and the ocean. It is generally a good idea to remove jewelry when playing sports or at the gym.


Between wearings, we recommend that you place your jewelry back in the cotton pouch we provide. Store in a dry environment.  


Clean jewelry by gently polishing with a soft, lint free cloth. Avoid cleaning with abrasive fabric as it may scratch. Do not use chemicals, water, or jewelry cleaner as the 14K gold plating may be affected.

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